Oct 23 2015

Introducing Spirit- Our October Pet of the Month!

Say Hello to Spirit! This cutie won the drawing to be our October 2015 Pet of the Month!

We wanted to learn a little bit more about Spirit, so we asked Spirit’s owner a few questions:

Rockford Veterinary Clinic: Does Spirit have any nicknames?
Spirit’s Owner: Doodle (Dog + Noodle = because she is wiggly!)

Rockford Veterinary Clinic: Does she have a favorite toy?
Spirit’s Owner: It’s a toss up between a squeaky stuffed hedgehog and a squeaky stuffed pheasant.

Rockford Veterinary Clinic: How about a favorite treat?
Spirit’s Owner: Peanut butter!

Rockford Veterinary Clinic: Does she have a special or favorite trick?
Spirit’s Owner: She loves to give handshakes and high-fives.

Rockford Veterinary Clinic: What makes Spirit unique?
Spirit’s Owner: She doesn’t know a lot of tricks, but she is really smart, so I have to spell out things like “w-a-l-k” and “o-u-t-s-i-d-e” and her best friend’s name “A-r-t-h-u-r”. Everyone who has met her thinks she is a great dog – even those weirdos who don’t like dogs.

Spirit- October 2015 Pet of the Month

Spirit- October 2015 Pet of the Month

We are so happy to have Spirit as our Pet of the Month- what a smart dog! Thank you for entering the drawing, we hope you enjoy your “doggie bag” 🙂

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