Mar 13 2023

Pet of the Month – March 2023

Say Hello to our March 2023 Pet of the Month, Maia Jo! Maia Jo also goes by MJ, Maia Josefina, Maia Jo Poopy Pants, Maia J, Bud, and My Girl. She is a 16 yr old Cockapoo. Maia Jo is sensitive, sweet, crazy, funny, loving and incredibly emotive. Her owner always knows what she wants just from the look she gives or from the “stories” she tells (aka barking loudly at them).

Maia Jo loves her mesh laundry basket and will roll in it after eating. She is also a very smart girl, she can sneeze on command. Maia Jo is on special diet, so she only eats Rachael Ray Hamburger Treats and Blueberry Biscuits as her favorite treats – everything else makes her sick! It’s a good thing she really loves them! Maia Jo is a senior gal and doesn’t play much anymore, but her favorite toy was any sock she could get hold of or her treat puzzle ball.

Congratulations to Maia Jo and her family for being our Pet of the Month! Maia Jo was selected by a random drawing of all entries submitted during the month of February.

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