Mar 25 2015

Why Does My Indoor Cat Need Vaccinations?

“My cats are indoor only- Do I really need to vaccinate them”?

We hear this question a lot- which probably means there are even more people out there wondering the same thing. Let’s try and get some answers for you.

A lot of people have cats that never attempt to escape into the Great Outdoors (I am not one of them- I have an orange houdini!) and that makes things much easier as an owner- but have you ever considered that outdoor animals can get into your home? Sorry to scare you- but it is true… according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, bats can enter a home through spaces as small as 3/8″, which is about the size of a dime ( . This means that no matter how well built or new your home may be, there is always a chance that a rabid bat can enter your home. You may also be surprised to know that we don’t always see them- in fact, most times their bites are not even noticed!

Rabies is a completely preventable disease- and yet, already this year we have had a confirmed report of a cat with Rabies right here in Minnesota- and the cat bit a human.

Check out the link below for some other reasons why we always recommend that all cats are vaccinated for Rabies and PRCC.

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