May 13 2015

Introducing Otis- April 2015 Pet of the Month

Meet Otis, our April 2015 Pet of the Month

The adorable Otis- (who also answers to “Oats”, or “Odie”) was selected from a random drawing to become our April 2015 Pet of the Month. We interviewed Otis’ owners to find out a little bit more about our special Pet of the Month.

Tell us about Otis’ favorite toy. “Otis will play with a stuffed caterpillar for a little while and quickly moves on to another toy, but he can chew on a rawhide for hours”. 


Does he have a favorite treat? “Otis loves anything and everything! He enjoys frosty paws when celebrating his birthday”!


What else makes Otis unique? “Otis loves to play with his sister Mocha, as well as run around in the yard and ride on the 4 wheeler (he gets a little lazy). There are many things that make Otis unique, he sleeps on his back and snores very loudly, he circles about a hundred times before he lies down and will come up and tackle you if you are sitting on the ground. Otis is a very loving and cuddly little guy!”


Congratulations Otis! We are so happy to have you as our patient and our Pet of the Month!

rockford | Pet of the Month

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