Mar 06 2016

Spring Heartgard, Frontline and NexGard Savings Are Here!

Spring is just around the corner- and so are all of those nasty parasites that we need to protect our pets from.

We have some great promotions for your pets flea and tick preventatives! You can even enter to win a 12 pack of Heartgard and 6 pack of your choice of Frontline or NexGard! Find out more here:

The diseases spread by fleas, ticks and mosquitoes are nasty- protect your pets from the creepy crawlers with quality, veterinary approved preventatives. Beware of imposter heartworm, flea & tick products- unfortunately, a lot of people make profits by selling “fake” products online at a steeply discounted rate. By purchasing your preventatives from a veterinarian, you are ensuring that the products are made with the ingredients listed and have been stored appropriately to maintain effectiveness in protecting your pet.

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