Jan 15 2018

Introducing Oliver – Our January 2018 Pet of the Month

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Say “Hello” to Oliver, he is our January 2018 Pet of the Month. Oliver is a Cocker Spaniel who also goes by Ollie, Buddy or Olla Walla Bing Bong. You will find him playing with anything that squeaks, especially his vast collection of balls, orange alligator and green dog. Oliver’s favorite trick is to shake and paw the air to get your attention. For treats, Oliver enjoys any kind of meat, particularly turkey tidbits and beef jerky. He will happily accept rawhides too.

Oliver’s family gave him such an amazing write-up, we thought we would share it as written with you:

“Oliver’s loving, gentle, charming, smart and strong personality is what makes him so unique. Oliver is extremely sensitive to both people’s emotions and what’s going on around him. Oliver’s never met a person or a squeaky toy he didn’t like and is always ready to greet you with a smile and a tail wag. Oliver is so easy to talk to and smart there are times we swear he can completely understand us.

Three years and three months ago Oliver was diagnosed with liver disease. At that time his prognosis was grim, and we were told he had six months to one year to live-at best.

With the love, dedication and care from his family, Rockford Veterinary Clinic, The University of Minnesota’s alternative medicine clinic and a daily regimen of medications and specially formulated herbs from Herbsmith is Wisconsin, We’re thrilled to say Oliver beat the odds and recently celebrated his 7th birthday!

Oliver is a central part of our family and brings a smile to our faces each and every day. He is the quintessential example of a “Good Boy.””

Congratulations to Oliver and his family for being our Pet of the Month! Oliver was selected by random drawing of all entries submitted during the month of December. If you would like a chance to have your pet featured as our pet of the month, stop by the clinic any time during our open hours to complete an entry form.

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