Jun 07 2018

Mary Jane

rockford vet clinic cat exam and staff

Almost one year ago we began to notice that Mary Jane, our 13-ish yr old office cat, was not acting like herself. She was laying around, listless and not eating like she used to. We sent out her blood work for testing and found that she was in the early stages of kidney disease. We have several kitty patients at the clinic with this all too common illness which unfortunately has no cure. We put in place a plan to medically manage her illness. The first step was making sure she was on a diet to support her kidney health. Lucky for MJ, she likes her new food, especially her canned k/d stew! Early this spring we rechecked her lab values and found that her disease had progressed pretty quickly. A new regimine was started which includes bi-weekly administration of subcutaneous fluids which helps maintain adequate hydration and in return doing what we can to ensure adequate blood flow through the kidneys. Mj has also started a new supplement that we add to her food daily which also helps support her kidney function. Like other cats with kidney disease, Mj has good days and bad days. For the most part though she is doing well! We will keep you updated on her progress.

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